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Insight Magazine publishes large article about Crystal Lagoons’ project in Lake Nona

17 March, 2015 / News

An 11-acre recreational man-made lake will become the hallmark of a 7,000-acre development in Lake Nona.

The result of a partnership between Crystal Lagoons and Tavistock Development Company, the lagoon will be the largest of its kind in the U.S. to date.

Crystal Lagoons, known for their innovative water treatment technology with fewer additives, has waded its way around the globe with lagoons in Dubai and Chile, making the allure of projects like this all the more transparent.

In addition to captivating hotel guests, real estate developers, like Tavistock Development Company, recognize the value Crystal Lagoons can add to any real estate endeavor.

Lake Nona specifically seems like a natural fit for this world-class luxury lagoon given its reputation for innovation and recent publicity as a great American city in Fortune magazine.

On a broader scale, Florida’s beachfront landscape and rain-heavy seasons seem to underscore the sustainable water practices of Crystal Lagoons with lagoons that can be refilled using rainwater.

“Florida is the ideal location for Crystal Lagoons with their climate and favorable regulatory conditions. Rain-intensive states like Florida allow the lagoons to be refilled with direct rainwater and therefore practically do not require make-up water to compensate for evaporation,” says Kevin P. Morgan, US CEO of Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

The Lake Nona project comes shortly after the company recently announced the first Crystal Lagoon in the US with four projects near Tampa in partnership with Metro Development Group slated for 2015.



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