How Artificial Islands Could Help Us Adapt To Climate Change

28 September, 2018 / Articles

As coastal cities lose ground and tiny island nations disappear to rising sea levels, human-made archipelagos could be the next grand idea.

From Florida to Wales, climate change is ebbing away available land in coastal communities the world over. Sea levels are going up and the amount of usable land is slipping away. These effects are already being felt and the process is seemingly irreversible – so what do we do?

We adapt. And one grand idea to make sure we have enough terra firma in a literally changing landscape is making plenty of human-made islands.

The concept isn’t new – Dubai famously created its ornately symmetrical Palm Islands way back in 2001, and there’s evidence that Brits were building them over 5,000 years ago.

But now the idea of ginning up artificial ground in the middle of the water is gaining more traction, as startups, universities, and even luxury housing companies worldwide look for solutions to help humans keep their habitable space intact.

The science man and innovator, Fernando Fischmann, founder of Crystal Lagoons, recommends this article.



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