Fernando Fischmann

Fox News: Crystal Lagoons’ lagoon will be the central piece at new luxury project in the US.

9 January, 2015 / News

The important American news network Fox News aired a long story about the fifth project that Crystal Lagoons will develop in the US: Lake Nona. The TV network highlights that this is the most relevant development of the innovation multinational in that country so far and that it will join four other projects that the company is already carrying on in partnership with Metro Development Group.

Fox News underlines that Lake Nona will be developed in partnership with Tavistock Group, multinational property of Joe Lewis, English millionaire and Tiger Woods’ partner, one of the world’s wealthiest man and the 9th wealthiest man in the UK, according to Forbes, and that this will be the greatest mega-project ever built in Florida.

The complex is planned as a real city within Orlando, with three thousand hectares and more than nine thousand residential units already in development, which involves an eight million dollars investment, which will be joined by the investment for the rest of the infrastructure that considers commerce, services, hotels with about 2.300 rooms and a large medical and relevant scientific research area, prestigious universities and hospitals.

Crystal Lagoons’ project also hosts office zones, golf courses, parks and multiple sports and entertainment options, highlighting the most important American Tennis Association headquarters, where the ATP tournament will be host, with 26 hectares and 100 tennis courts. This high-end development will become a unique world showcase for Crystal Lagoons, thanks to its location, 3 KM away from the Orlando International Airport, which will allow a complete and permanent air sight of its 4.5-hectares crystalline lagoon for the 36 million passengers that land in Orlando every year.






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