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Florida-based press covers Crystal lagoons’ involvement in Jungle Island redevelopment

21 April, 2017 / News

Well-renowned Florida newspaper El Nuevo Herald has covered Crystal Lagoons’ involvement in the redevelopment process of Miami-based famous theme park, Jungle Island.

Crystal Lagoons US, Corp announced a partnership with ESJ Capital Partners, the new owners of Jungle Island, the 18-acre landmark attraction located on Watson Island in Miami, Florida, which marks the beginning of a new business model for the multinational innovation company where crystal-clear, Caribbean-style lagoons will be offered to the public as an amenity for the first time ever.

The size of two football fields and slated for completion by late 2018, Jungle Island will feature a crystal-clear lagoon as the water centerpiece amenity where guests can enjoy zip lines with panoramic views of the Miami skyline, children adventures, water slides, as well as a private beach club. Jungle Island is one of South Florida’s main landmark attractions, complete with animal life, live shows, discovery camps, wild safaris, and offers interaction opportunities with the animal kingdom.

This will allow visitors of Jungle Island to enjoy these majestic Caribbean-style beachfront crystal-clear bodies of water. So far, there are more than 25 similar public-access projects worldwide.

Named the “World’s Top Amenity,” Crystal Lagoons offers fun and safe environments for swimming and water sports, such as paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing, now to more people interested in enjoying an idyllic lifestyle. The multinational water innovation company has developed a patented concept and technology to create unlimited-sized, crystal-clear lagoons that bring the luxury of a beachfront experience anywhere in the world at very low costs.

“The current park caters to visitors who have an interest in animal and nature experiences. Our amenity is a game changer and we are confident it will dramatically increase the park’s demand and attendance by drawing from a much larger demographic transforming the park into an active water sports enthusiast experience, substantially increasing the number of visitors, both tourists and locals,” said Uri Man, CEO, Crystal Lagoons U.S. East. “Our amenity also has a much larger capacity than other attractions and could easily accommodate double the current attendance.   We also expect the park’s attendees will spend more within the park due to the exciting water-oriented activities on the lagoon.”

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.



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