Fernando Fischmann

Fernando Fischmann lead Crystal Lagoons’ scientific donation made to Babson College

1 April, 2015 / News
Fernando Fischmann

One of the essential Crystal Lagoons’ commitments is to promote the development of scientific knowledge in the business world, given its growing relationship to the corporate realm. Because of this, the company supports the scientific studies in entrepreneurship and business oriented academic centers.

A reflection of this is the important donation that Crystal Lagoons USA made to Babson College, the US’ main business and entrepreneurship school, which has made possible the technological implementation of an entire scientific laboratory. The inauguration of this new infrastructure was lead by Fernando Fischmann, founder of the multinational of innovation, on March 27th, in Boston.

This way, the prestigious American school -where worldwide renowned people such as Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation’ chairman; Gustavo Cisneros, Grupo Cisneros’ owner; among others- , has added nine scientific facilities that will boost its renowned academic entrepreneurship model.

The relationship between both institutions began five years ago when Crystal Lagoons’ founder was invited by Babson College to present his vision as innovator and Crystal Lagoons’ case of success.

This initiative is part of other initiatives Crystal Lagoons’ has made real in order to support innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the “Crystal LagoonsBerkeley Scholarships” that gave the chance to a group of Chilean innovators to have access to an intensive entrepreneurship program at the University of California.

The revolutionary Crystal Lagoonstechnology has also raised the interest of the most prestigious academic centers and scientific research worldwide, such as the German foundation Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, in which Fernando Fischmann is a board director; MIT, Harvard, The University of California Berkeley and innovation entities such as the Silicon Valley. This adds to the growing interest that Crystal Lagoons has risen in American authorities and real estate developers, who have made it worthy of receiving The Miami’s Keys, a Governor of Florida’ honor, among others.



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