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Europe’s largest artificial beach arouses worldwide expectation

17 April, 2023 / News

Since the announcement of the construction of Alovera Beach the largest artificial beach in Europe developed with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology, an unusual worldwide interest was generated with hundreds of publications highlighting the arrival of beach life to the capital of Spain, Madrid. Now, the press is once again turning its attention to the project, announcing its inauguration for the Spanish summer of 2023.

It is the first Public Access Lagoons™ project, also known as PAL™ developments, on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain, located in a Mediterranean urban area less than 40 minutes from the center of Madrid. The centerpiece of this resort is a 2.1-hectare turquoise lagoon that will be open to the general public for the price of an entrance fee.

The project is an innovative concept, which will transform the municipality of Alovera and boost tourism in the Guadalajara area, positioning itself on the European map of technology, innovation, and sustainability and as a unique reference point in outdoor water sports. The complex will be open all year round and expects to receive around 350,000 visitors annually.

The body of water will be surrounded by an extensive, 1.6-hectare, white sandy beach and include sports facilities, a water park with slides and children’s pools, a water sports school for kayaking and paddle boarding and gastronomic services.

The project, which is developed by Crystal Lagoons in partnership with Grupo Rayet, will become a model for urban regeneration that will change the local landscape in a revolutionary way, have a high social impact, and generate more than 330 direct and indirect jobs.

Public Access Lagoons™ projects drastically change people’s lifestyles. They bring beach life and water sports possible in a city context, making going to the beach as close and as normal as going to the local park is today”, explains Francisco Matte, regional director of Crystal Lagoons.

Alovera is the firm’s third project in Spain, which include the Alcazaba Lagoon (Costa del Sol) andSanta Rosalía (Murcia) residential developments.

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