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Diario Financiero highlights internationalization of Crystal Lagoons’ floating lagoons and industrial cooling systems

7 July, 2015 / News

Chile’s most important economic newspaper dedicated the main article of its Innovation section to highlight the internationalization of two Crystal Lagoons innovations: the floating crystal lagoons and the sustainable industrial cooling system.

The media stated that the floating crystal lagoons are water sources which show high aesthetic and sanitary standards, which once installed float on water bodies unsuitable for usage, due to poor sanitary quality, lack of transparency or deficient aesthetic features.

Conceived for recreational purposes such as bathing or sports practice, the new lagoons differ from the traditional crystal lagoons, since there is no digging involved in its construction, and they are quickly mounted over water bodies much like a conventional inflatable pool with a semi-rigid structure. Additionally, “the construction takes only a couple of weeks, besides they are very flexible and don’t occupy much space”, informs Francisco Matte, International Director of Crystal Lagoons.

The first project of this kind is being developed in Hawaii at the EWA Beach on Oahu Island, which is being built together with the Japanese company Haseko, and it considers the construction of a lagoon of over three hectares.

Matte commented that the market potential of this new endeavour is important. “This technology shows global potential, even greater than the excavated crystal lagoons. In the US alone there are over 140,000 water bodies that occupy large surface areas”, Matte says. And he adds that internationally, that figure expands and includes over 50 million water bodies.

After using the sustainable industrial cooling technology in thermoelectric and photovoltaic concentration plants, Data Centers, the mining sector, and in Endesa’s San Isidro II combined cycle thermoelectric plant for one year, the firm has entered the commercialization phase. There are over 19 projects considered in the US, Finland, India, Peru, Saudi Arabia and Chile today. “The US is be one of the countries where this technology will increase massively, because cooling systems using natural waterways is forbidden due to the huge damage they cause, and many other countries are following that example”, Matte held.



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