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Crystalline Lagoons Maximize Urban Areas in Latin America

20 January, 2016 / News
Fernando Fischmann

The boom experienced by crystalline lagoons associated to residential real estate projects shows no sign of stopping.  A great number of them exist worldwide in different stages of development. New projects under different stages of development were recently announced in Latin America.

Two of these are located close to the city center in Santiago, Chile, in housing projects that, when combined, add up US$ 216 million in investments, and whose mayor attraction in the development of these lagoons.

Crystal lagoons’ Commercial Director, Francisco Matte said that these lagoons made it possible to “develop urban real estate projects that enjoyed great success “,   that “would have never achieved their recorded sales dynamism” without these amenities . Matte added that urban housing lagoons make it possible to access beach life right in front of your house, in the middle of cities, improving the quality of life of their inhabitants offering recreation and relaxation in centric areas that are generally crowded and have unfriendly public spaces.

One of the projects, with an associated investment of US$105 million, includes a set of apartment buildings and another dedicated to offices, and is located in a new financial and housing hub in the city. It is a four hectare lot that will house four independent projects that will add up 600 apartment units, that will be joined by a crystalline artificial lagoon of close to one hectare in size.

Juan Pablo Monge, head of developing firm Desco, said that instead of building independent pools for each building, they saw that it was more attractive to develop a lagoon, so they contacted Crystal Lagoons and got it interested in the project. In addition, the zone where the project is located has density restrictions, that require open spaces.

Another project includes 1,500 apartments distributed in five 24 story buildings, and its main attraction will be a crystalline lagoon. The initiative will be located in a three hectare central lot in the Chilean capital, and is driven by Banmerchant along with partners such as construction firm EBCO and the Korlaet, Facuse and Abumohor families.

Francisco Walker, Banmerchant senior partner, said that the investment in the housing development will be close to US$ 111 million. He added that in another project by the firm he realized that a lagoon improved sales velocity and the firm wanted to replicate that success in the Chilean capital.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.




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