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Forbes: Crystalline lagoons prove boons to high-end residential developments

23 September, 2022 / News

“There is tremendous value in adding crystalline lagoons to upscale Properties,” says Carlos Rosso, the developer behind ONE Park Tower by Turnberry at SoLéMia, a 76-acre master-planned community featuring a 10-acre crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology.

Forbes highlighted the Crystal Lagoons amenity of this award-winning project located in North Miami, which has proven to be the main attraction for buyers, also providing an asset of indisputable value for the developer, as it brings beach life to a part of Miami that is far from the sea.

“You can create a waterfront community with incredible views in urban areas where it wasn’t possible before. It’s a new lifestyle surrounded by nature in a setting that has the fantastic crystalline lagoon as its centerpiece,” the executive explained to Forbes.

These crystalline lagoons quickly become the meeting point for thousands of people, as they offer new public spaces of value and quality of life, providing social inclusion, recreation and relaxation, especially in cities far from the coast or congested.

SoLéMia is not only raising the neighborhood market valuebut the luxury amenity standards by housing arguably one of the most unprecedented amenities in a rental community with South Florida’s first man-made lagoon, Laguna Solé, an eye-popping, swimmable Caribbean-blue body of fresh water that spans seven acres, including sandy beach areas and its own little island. The city-within-a-city will eventually be anchored around the impressive engineering feat, bringing waterfront living to a part of Miami that’s not technically on the water. 

The amenity crown-jewel is the size of 21 Olympic-sized pools and provides the shoreline residents with sandy beachesand a waterfront location where they can swim, paddleboard, kayak or float on luxury loungers.  



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