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Crystal Lagoons unveils what will be the world’s second largest crystal clear lagoon

11 May, 2015 / News
Fernando Fischmann

Crystal Lagoons is developing what will the new largest lagoon in the world in Dubai, with 40 hectares. But the company is also building what will be Latin America’s largest lagoons, and the second one in the world.

The latter is “Playa Turquesa” a 180-hectare real estate project that will have a 12.8-hectare crystal clear lagoon and that it will be located at six kilometres from Puente Urubó, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Due to this amazing crystal clear lagoon, the project is one of the more exiting and exclusive real estate developments in the continent.

The project outstands due to the its 12.8-hectare crystal clear lagoon that makes the project one of the most exclusive housing developments in the continent.

In total, these are 128 thousand square meters that equal the area of 160 olympic swimming pools. “Playa Turquesa” will have the best features, with docks, beach zones, recreation areas, a social centre with gyms, SPA, hairdressing salons, saunas, restaurants, bars, heated pools, Jacuzzis, among others.

Crystal Lagoons has the only worldwide patented technology in 160 countries that can build these large bodies of water. Its technology is so efficient that the water maintenance system uses up to 100 times less chemical products than traditional systems, and it uses up to 50 times less energy in its filtration processes. Apart from that, it does not loose water, just natural evaporation, and in some countries the water used to refill the lagoon is almost zero, since they use rainfall water for this purpose as well.

“Playa Turquesa” project’s board president, Carlos Andrés Córdova, stated that “the lagoon’s construction was approved by Crystal Lagoons Corp., the one company in the world that can offer this innovative technology that allows the construction and maintenance of larges bodies of water in crystal clear state at very low costs. These lagoons are suitable for swimming, water sports, kayaking, laser, and windsurf, among others”.

“Playa Turquesa will be an exciting and amazing place for living. Surrounded by nature, where nautical life will be a usual experience for each one of the inhabitants of this unparallel project”, sated Carlos Andrés Córdova, who also announced that the works of this project have already began.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.



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