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Crystal Lagoons: The dream of living in the beach

2 September, 2015 / News

Renowned magazine “Conexión Brando” highlighted some of Crystal Lagoons’ projects in that country, such as Lagoon Pilar and Terralagos, which are revolutionizing real estate market trends thanks to their gigantic crystal clear lagoons.

The magazine says that Crystal Lagoons’ projects are leading a new trend in Argentina’s real estate market: to live in the beach.

“Our crystal clear lagoons are a total success in Argentina. This is a unique and innovative concept that creates a powerful competitive advantage and is revolutionizing Argentina’s real estate market, just as it has happened in every single country where we have introduced our concept and technology. Providing people an idyllic beach lifestyle at their doorstep in places far away from the coast is something unprecedented that radically changes people’s life”, said Francisco Matte, Crystal Lagoons’ Commercial Director.

“At some moment in our lives, many of us confidently said: I am going to live in the beach. We even made plans and calculations. The sand stuck in our feet and one’s sight set on the water are synonyms of relaxation. Who wouldn’t want to live like that? That is the spirit of the new real estate projects that are being developed around Buenos Aires. Thanks to their sustainable technologies they are making the dream of one’s own white sand beach come true”.

The article stresses that the crystal clear lagoons of unlimited size are a top innovation. Miami based Crystal Lagoons patented a technology that makes it possible to build and operate crystal clear lagoons suitable for swimming and water sports with water consumption levels  10 times lower than those of a golf course. Additionally, they use up to 100 times less chemicals than traditional swimming pool and drinking water disinfection systems and have an energy consumption of just 2% of that of conventional filtration systems. Today these lagoons are the top amenity of any real estate mega development. Their environmental sustainability aligns perfectly with the new requirements of “green consumers” who wish to live in harmony with nature, with minimum environmental impact and saving energy and water.

Crystal Lagoons currently has two projects in Argentina. The first is Lagoon Pilar and it’s a 64-acre project that includes residential condominium areas, with 630 apartment units, 120 lots, a sport area, and in the heart of the project, an 8.6-acre crystal clear lagoon with Crystal Lagoons’ technology suitable for swimming and any kind of water sport, for people of all ages. The lagoon is surrounded by beaches dotted with palm trees and yachting docks.

The second project is Terralagos, located at Ezeiza. The project boasts 500 plots of land and 1290 condominium units. The main attraction is a 12-acre crystal clear lagoon. “In May 2016 we’ll be handing out the first units”, said Esteban Edelstein, Director of Castex Propiedades. People will be able to practice water sports and take classes on optimist dinghy sailing, windsurf, diving, canoeing, and aqua aerobics. The lagoon area will have a Kids Club, docks, and a walking pathway.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which developed a patent-protected technology that makes it possible to build and operate crystal clear lagoons of unlimited size at very low costs.



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