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Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology is recognized worldwide

29 April, 2022 / News

Crystal Lagoons is in tune with environmental challenges, such as carbon neutrality. The constant development and innovation to respond to this challenge has meant that the sustainable technology that allows the development of large bodies of water in a crystalline state has been awarded worldwide on several occasions.

Public Access Lagoons™  revolutionize cities by bringing beach life with turquoise waters and white sands to urban areas and reducing by about 50% the number of car journeys and flights to coastal destinations and natural beaches that, globally, total about 35 million tons of CO2 per year.

Through its contribution to furthering carbon neutrality in different economic and social activities this has led the so-called PAL™ developments to be recognized as “Champion of Champions” in the 2022 version of the “Green World Awards” in Abu Dhabi.

The multinational water innovation company won both the award in the Carbon Reduction category and the highest distinction in these British sustainable awards, beating the winners of the categories of Climate Change, Water and Energy Efficiency, Emissions Reduction, Innovation and others, as well as the more than 500 entries received by the organization.

The “Green World Awards” recognize the countries, companies and organizations that contribute the most to protecting the ecosystem and which are sponsored by reputable British environmental organizations including the UK Government’s Environment Agency, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Chartered Institution for Wastes Management.

During 2021, the Green World Environment Award and Green Apple Award also recognized the ecological aspect of PAL™ developments, which the innovation multinational develops on five continents.

These projects, which anyone can access after paying a ticket, avoid travel and generate savings in the carbon footprint equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 2.3 billion homes or 51.3 billion kilometers by car, they allow people to access the beach on foot, by bicycle, using public transport or on short car trips.

In addition to these awards, there are recognitions for sustainable cooling technology for industrial processes with the National Environment Award and a second Green Apple Award.

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