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Crystal Lagoons® technology beach life anywhere

27 April, 2022 / News

Crystal Lagoons® technology makes it possible to create a tropical beach paradise anywhere in the world, transforming the local landscape into a breathtaking environment of turquoise waters that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

It is a disruptive and sustainable innovation, patented worldwide, that allows the construction and maintenance of large crystalline lagoons at very low costs, using a minimum of additives and energy

Just as it happened 200 years ago in England, when parks were incorporated into cities, today idyllic beach life can be recreated even in city centers, thanks to the business model known as Public Access Lagoons™ or PAL™ developments, which has quickly become a new long-term investment alternative with rates of return never seen in other industries.

These crystalline lagoons quickly become the meeting point for thousands of people, as they offer new public spaces of value and quality of life, providing social inclusion, recreation and relaxation, especially in cities far from the coast or congested.

PAL™ projects are also highly valued when it comes to reconverting retail spaces and malls, reactivating the flow of public towards amusement parks, taking advantage of vacant lots, spaces at the center of racetracks, golf courses or any company that has land in disuse want to convert it into a much more profitable business, thanks to this business model.

They are not only the business of the future, but also the sustainable recreational activity of the future, bringing beach life, water sports and entertainment to steps from home.

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