Fernando Fischmann

Crystal Lagoons strongly tackles the US market and develops floating crystalline lagoons

11 December, 2014 / News

El Mercurio, Chilean newspaper, published a story about Crystal Lagoons, in which it is highlighted Crystal Lagoons strong entrance to the US market and the 2.0 era that the company experiencing. Following great technology multinational companies, Crystal Lagoons, as part as its natural growing process, is consolidating itself in one of the most important world markets, the US, settling its headquarters in Miami and commercial branches in Denver. This new structure carried out in response to the need to be operatively present in the most active markets of the world, and the commercial convenience to face the infinite opportunities that the US offers, country where private intellectual property is seriously protected and where innovations are supported.

Likewise, the publication underlines that after a vast research, which included pilot plants in Chile and the fabrication of the necessary components by two companies- a Chilean one and an American one-, Fernando Fishmann developed a new innovation: “floating” crystalline lagoons. This is a new technology that allows to install these lagoon into large bodies of water that in their natural state are not always suitable for swimming and water sports, such as lakes, lagoons, dams, et al.

This disruptive innovation shows potential for a world level market, even bigger than the one of the traditional crystalline lagoons. These are crystalline lagoons of high esthetic and sanitary standards with recreational purposes, for swimming and the practice of water sports, that are installed and float on the top of bodies of water that are no suitable for use due to its bad sanitary quality, lack of water transparence, and deficient esthetic characteristics. This is the current situation in which many lakes, lagoons, bays, dams.

Crystal Lagoons already has an agreement to install the first floating lagoon in Hawai, which will add up to a project already in its final stages of development in Oahu Island. This initiative called  EWA Beach is linked to a Japanese group, Haseko, and instead of installing a marina, they decided to incorporate a Crystal Lagoons’ lagoon.

In terms of recreational features, in Florida Crystal Lagoons is developing five projects. One of them is one of the greatest ones in real estate development within that US State. Calle Lake Nona, it will be carried out by Tavistock Group, multinational linked to Joe Lewis, an Englishmen millionaire partner of Tiger Woods. Apart from that, Crystal Lagoons already signed an agreement in order to integrate crystalline lagoons to other four projects in Florida, in different counties, in projects that Metro Development Group will develop.



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