Fernando Fischmann

Crystal Lagoons revolutionizes Uruguay with crystal clear lagoon

6 February, 2015 / News

Crystal Lagoons is surprising Uruguay with its avant-garde proposal without precedent. In the Solanas Crystal Beach project, the innovation multinational company is developing an exclusive crystal clear lagoon with Solanas real estate holding, which is being built within that resort in Punta del Este, one of Latin America’s most exclusive beaches.

With an extension of three hectares, Solanas Crystal Beach outstands for being sustainable and environmentally friendly thanks to Crystal Lagoons concept and technology. The crystal clear lagoon will become into a water paradise that will provide the ideal conditions for swimming and water sports, and it will also be a perfect place for resting surrounded by nature.

Crystal Lagoons’ innovative technology uses up to 200 times less chemical products than traditional swimming pools and represents just 2% of the energy consumption of filtration traditional systems.

As all Crystal Lagoons’ crystal clear lagoons around the world, it will be monitored by telemetry, with sensors specially designed that constantly report defined physic-chemical variables and the quality of water.

This way Solanas Crystal Beach will comply with the highest international water quality standards. One hectare of lagoon can consume half the water a park or a green area consumes and up to 10 times less water than a golf course. In addition, it allows using any kind of water, whether from the sea, fresh or brackish. The latter can be found in massive quantities in the world and it does not have any relevant alternative usage.





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