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Crystal Lagoons’ Research and Development Director in América Economía

30 January, 2015 / News

The renowned magazine, America Economía, published an extensive article about the state of entrepreneurship in the region in which Javiera de la Cerda, Crystal Lagoons’ Research and Development Director, shared the innovation multinational point of view.

According to the executive, “currently there are many people taking on and trying to develop their projects. However, the success cases worldwide are still a few and it is important to make them happen since they generate models to follow for many people”.

De la Cerda adds that in order to improve this situation, “specially for the entrepreneurs that are not related to the internet, we have noticed that –sometimes- the entrepreneurs find themselves facing public organizations that are not flexible enough and that are difficult to change or adapt in terms of regulations that have to do with innovations, which are, by definition, different”.

The article also presents Rodrigo Andrews’ opinion, Lice Labs co-founder and one of the winners of the Crystal Lagoons-Berkeley scholarship program, honour that let him take the Skydeck: Global Venture program, at Berkeley, UCLA.

According to Andrews, who also got funds from StartUp Chile, “this program is very similar to Skydeck from the UCLA (Berkeley), since both of them are focus on the 3 fundamental columns to star any innovation business: mentality, networking and theory to carry on a business.

This way Lince Labs’ co-founder recognized Crystal Lagoons’ great support through its scholarship program, which let him boost his company that focuses on developing biological technologies for tissue regeneration, with applications that use amniofilm for eye regeneration.





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