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Crystal Lagoons raises the interest of Mauritian media outlets

29 July, 2016 / News

Mauritius was recently ranked by The African Development Bank as the most competitive economy in sub-Saharan Africa, and with its tropical climate, beautiful beaches and multicultural population, the island is one of the world’s top luxury destinations.

On the back of this, multinational water innovation and technology company, Crystal Lagoons, is bringing the world’s top amenity to Mauritius, which will enable properties not situated on the beautiful coastline to offer the beach lifestyle that Mauritius is so famous for.

Crystal Lagoons, which recently launched into the broader African market, partners with property developers to create pristine lagoons that consume up to 30 times less water than a golf course and only half of the water required by a park of the same size. Furthermore, Crystal Lagoons’ patented technology uses any type of water: fresh, salt, or brackish, the latter having no alternative use.

Currently involved in over 400 projects – in different development stages- in 60 countries, Crystal Lagoons enables projects that would otherwise have been economically unviable due to their location, by adding unlimited-sized crystal-clear bodies of water at very low construction and maintenance costs.

The lagoons are ideal for a wide range of recreational activities, including swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing, all within a safe environment. The Mauritian government introduced a Property Development Scheme in 2015, which should lead to future developments contributing social amenities and facilities that benefit the community, and a Crystal Lagoon is ideal to meet that need.

A Crystal Lagoon makes good business sense in any development, increasing selling prices and velocity in property developments and opening up previously unfeasible locations to development, according to Alastair Sinclair, Crystal Lagoons’ Regional Director for Africa.

“Our technology has revolutionised the real estate market in every country it has entered by challenging the real estate paradigm of ‘location, location, location’. A Crystal Lagoon brings the idyllic lifestyle of the beach to anywhere in the world.” said Sinclair.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.



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