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Crystal Lagoons Project Solé Mia, Miami, Featured in Forbes

12 July, 2019 / News
Crystal Lagoons Solé Mia

Crystal Lagoons® latest amenity to be inaugurated in Miami, Florida, a 7-acre crystalline lagoon known as Solé Mia, has caught media attention since day one. On this occasion, Forbes, in a recent feature about the important health benefits associated with living near nature, has highlighted the positive effects of living by water, and named the development. The following are extracts of the article.

For many residents of large cities, the city neighborhood public park has supplanted the backyard of yesteryear. Four seasons a year, the local park provides recreation, whether it’s swimming, cross-country skiing, softball, football or more.

But as common sense surely reminds us, public parks provide a benefit far greater than recreation. Studies have shown a home near green space is linked to myriad positive health outcomes, among them reduced risk of Type II diabetes, heart disease and pre-term births, as well as premature death. Proximity to trees, foliage and green grassy acreage also ushers in lower stress levels, improved sleep while improving feelings of good health.

In 2016, a Harvard School of Public Health study discovered living near higher levels of green vegetation was associated with decreased mortality.

However, the publication also talks of the benefits of living close to water.Down in North Miami, Florida, the city’s new Sole Mia development provides a 1,043-acre park as a figurative backyard for its residents, along with a 7-acre lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons pioneering technology.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.



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