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Crystal Lagoons project in Dubai becomes the best place to invest in properties in the Middle East

3 January, 2022 / News

The Crystal Lagoons project in the Mohammed Bin Rashid City not only marks a milestone for being the largest body of crystal clear water in the world at 40 hectares. This differentiating attribute adds enormous real estate value to properties in Dubai and has therefore attracted great interest from investors. Today the MBR City project is considered the best place to invest in properties in the entire Middle East, becoming the most exclusive area of the city with the most expensive square meter in the Emirate.

Experts in real estate investment explain that this phenomenon is due to a series of attractions offered by this development that has the amenity of Crystal Lagoons as a great central element: beach style and life, zero taxes, strategic location and well connected to the city and services and higher standard.

The largest lagoon in the world

This gigantic lagoon stretches for 7 kilometers and is surrounded by white sand beaches, palm trees and promenades. The environment will have lush green landscapes, which will give the impression of being in a true oasis.

Around the mega lagoon, corporate towers, industrial parks, sports areas, large public parks, water parks, the Meydan One Mall -the largest in the world-, more than 100 hotels and 1500 new super luxury residential condominiums will be built.

Sustainable Technology

For Crystal Lagoons, one of the central elements of its business is the technological structure, created and patented by the firm, which is managed so that the maintenance of the waters is sustainable over time.

These water amenities use up to 100 times less chemicals than conventional pool or drinking water treatment technologies, and consume only 2% of the energy required by conventional pool filtration systems.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, who has developed a patented technology that allows the construction and maintenance at low cost of artificial turquoise water lagoons of unlimited size.

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