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Crystal Lagoons’ project captivates world celebrities

30 March, 2015 / News

Diamante Cabo San Lucas, Crystal Lagoons’ first luxury project with a 5-hectare navigable lagoon and a Tiger Woods-designed golf course in Mexico, has been recently highlighted by the International website MSN.com as one of the favorite holidays destinations of high-profile world celebrities such as Britney Spears.

Given its central location in the Mexican Pacific Coast, the warm and sunny weather all year long, and its proximity to the US, this high-end complex is one of Crystal Lagoons’ world class projects that showcase the company’s technology and concept for developers that want in site knowledge about Crystal Lagoons.

This luxurious tourism destination was possible thanks to a partnership agreement between the multinational innovation US-based company Crystal Lagoons, and the North American real estate firm Diamante Cabo San Lucas, the latter with 12 years of experience in the Mexican market.

The touristic complex is placed on a 3.500-hectare site land and represents a total investment of US$ 680 million. It is worth mentioning that Diamante Cabo San Lucas has one of the world’s best golf courses, according to the renowned golf magazine Top 100 Courses. In addition, a new golf course is under development and it has been designed by the greatest golf player in history, Tiger Woods, which represents an amazing attraction since the golf world champion has just made a handful of these in the world.

This is a low-density complex that it is composed by villages priced at between 2 and 4 million dollars. It also has five-star hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, gyms, spas, tennis courses, cinemas, playgrounds for children and wide green areas, among many other amazing features.



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