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Crystal Lagoons PAL™ Project was chosen as the best attraction in Bintan, Indonesia

28 August, 2023 / News

The island of Bintan, located in Indonesia, is among Asia’s top tourist destinations. The largest crystalline lagoon in Southeast Asia, developed with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology can be found in this idyllic location. This monumental body of turquoise water, spanning 6.3 hectares, is part of the Treasure Bay Bintan project and has once again been selected as the main attraction in this exotic entertainment and adventure tourism destination that welcomes millions of visitors worldwide.

The crystalline lagoon is surrounded by 1,400 meters of white sandy beaches and stretches 800 meters long, with a maximum depth of 2.5 meters. It operates under the innovative Public Access Lagoons™ model, also known as PAL™ developments, allowing anyone access with a ticket entry. The amenities include a bungee jumping platform and a cable water ski facility. Additionally, it provides a wide range of water activities, including boat rides, slides, paddle boarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding, making it ideal for the whole family’s enjoyment.

The 90-hectare complex features a variety of restaurants, clubs, and retail stores, as well as some 3,000 second-home units and 4 and 5-star hotels. This development responds to the growing demand for tourist and recreational space from visitors to Singapore.

PAL™ projects transform any site into a year-round entertainment hub with more than 125 activities that can take place in the lagoon itself or its surroundings. These include water sports with and without an engine, inflatable parks, trade shows, dining, weddings, beach parties, concerts, flow boarding, quatrefoil, cable parks, paddleboard yoga, water slides, cliff jumping, mapping shows, water light shows, water curtain animation, outdoor cinema, corporate events, floating cabanas, etc.



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