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Crystal Lagoons Offers Families and Communities a Safe and Clean Environment for Swimming

6 September, 2017 / News

Crystal Lagoons, the multinational water innovation company, has continued its expansion across the U.S. with 15 projects announced from Florida to Nevada. The company developed a patented technology to create unlimited-sized, crystal-clear lagoons that bring the luxury of a beachfront experience anywhere in the world at very low costs.

Named the “World’s Top Amenity,” these crystal-clear, Caribbean-style lagoons are the ideal location to enjoy the benefits of swimming on the heels of a new report by the Swimming and Health Commission at Swim England that shows swimming can improve heart health, lower blood pressure, improve lung capacity, reduce joint pain and increase bone strength.

With the expansion of Crystal Lagoons across the U.S., now more people have access to these crystal-clear lagoons so they too can enjoy the health benefits of swimming.

Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp has partnered with world-class developers and the first three U.S. projects have already broken ground, including a 14-acre crystal-clear lagoon in St. John’s County, Florida; an 8-acre crystal-clear lagoon in Rowlett, Texas; and a 7.5-acre crystal-clear lagoon in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

The calm, crystal-clear waters means there is no threat of unpredictable rip currents or dangerous wildlife, such as alligators and sharks. Parents can rest-assured their children are safe in the crystal-clear waters of the man-made lagoons. This is especially important in Florida because many of Florida’s lakes can contain alligators, and thus present a hazard. The majority of natural Florida lakes have dark or stained water which limit visibility and allow alligators and snakes the ability to ambush unsuspecting prey.

Also, the technology uses up to 100 times less chemicals than traditional swimming pools while maintaining excellent water quality at all times via a telemetric system. Plus, the man-made lagoons’ shallow areas are ideal for families with young children or seniors. The new study also shows swimmers age three and up develop more quickly and understand key skills, such as walking, talking, and counting faster than non-swimmers. Moreover, as adults, swimming helps improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. Swimming helps seniors ages 65 and older stay mentally agile by slowing down the decline of memory loss.

The new study shows swimmers have a 41 percent lower risk of death due to heart disease and stroke and a 28 percent lower risk of early death. By enabling communities to have access to safe swimming waters, Crystal Lagoons is continuing to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for all Americans while contributing to a boost in life expectancy. A true family-centric amenity, the more than 600 crystal-clear lagoons worldwide that are in different stages of development can help individuals of all ages have fun while improving their overall quality of life.


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