Crystal Lagoons Is Invited To The Innovation Summit Miami 2018

3 December, 2018 / News

Miami is to host the first edition of the ProChile Innovation Summit, which aims to connect Chilean companies with the main actors of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in the city. ProChile, which is part to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, invited Crystal Lagoons® to take part as a success story in innovation and to inaugurate the event, which will be headed by the Chilean Chancellor, Roberto Ampuero.

In addition to the multinational specialized in innovation, prominent members of the US and Chilean entrepreneurship ecosystems will also take part, along with Andrés Moreno (CEO of Open English); Laura González (founder and CEO of Venture City); Rodrigo Castro (president of the Chilean Venture Capital Association); Daniel Undurraga (co-founder of Cornershop); Juan Núñez (CEO of Whole Foods Florida); Freddy Sidi (CEO of Chargello).

The director of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan Schütz, stressed that Miami will be the first city in which this summit will take place, since it is a strategic hub to access North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, which last year reported the highest activity of startups or incipient companies within the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, according to The Kauffman Index.

The innovation summit, which is organized by ProChile, will be attended by twelve companies that offer different innovative solutions, depending on the demands of customers that are increasingly connected to the digital world; eleven of them, small and medium companies that won a national contest promoted by Sercotec, within the framework of the SME Week.

Namely, Motion Displays, Lemontech, Foris, Ticket Point, RocketPin, ZeroQ, Social Map, Insta GIS, The Two Hundred, Happy Community, TeleDx, Lazarillo, A Chemo with My Ape, Craft Don Nelson, Calambur, Beck Bags, Basmar, Espacio Club Cazaux, Tiendita de Mama, Dments, RUI Espumante, AHA Inclusion and Alusma Platan Chips.

Training, networking and conventions

The program includes the networking event “Ask About Chile, a World of Services”, organized by Imagen de Chile and will unite leaders from the world of innovation, entrepreneurship and investments in Miami, to raise awareness regarding prominent Chilean entrepreneurs from national companies such as AOne Games, Solubag, Levita Magnetics and Motion Displays that will present their successful developments.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

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