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Crystal Lagoons is Breaking into the Amenity Business by Replacing Golf Courses Due to Lower Water Consumption

5 May, 2017 / News

Golf courses have boosted real estate sales in the past, between 1960 and 2000 specifically. However, at global stage things have radically changed since then. In countries such as Canada, Japan, the U.K., Australia and the U.S., golf’s popularity has dramatically declined over time. According to the U.S. National Golf Foundation, since 2003 almost six million players have left the sport in the U.S. only. Even more impressive, the same organization states that over 800 golf course have been either destroyed or redeveloped during the same period of time.

Furthermore, golf clubs have been facing financial issues in most of these countries. For instance, 50% out of the 1,500 existing golf courses in Australia have their books in red.

The decline in golf’s popularity has also had a negative effect in the sales appeal expected on golf courses. Currently, there are 35 thousand golf courses in 206 countries worldwide, according to Royal & Ancient, the world’s utmost authority on golf. Criticism to real estate developers and golf clubs have not ceased, pointing out struggling membership figures, high maintenance costs and water consumption, and vastly undeveloped land plots devoted to golf, but of growing value for alternative use. The same arguments can be made for the cases of parks and green areas, which represent business opportunities where public crystal-clear lagoons are also successfully breaking into.

Changes on the choice of preference have opened opportunities for Crystal Lagoons and its widely-renowned novel and sustainable amenity, raising the interest of new potential clients. These large bodies of crystal-clear water can host an idyllic beach lifestyle and they represent a viable solution for intensive usage. This is one of the reasons why golf courses are being partially or fully replaced by crystal-clear lagoons.

“There is great potential for real estate projects and country clubs in need of a boost in sales and improvements of its infrastructure for leisure. This is something we have acknowledged in all the projects we have worldwide. For instance, in Las Brisas de Santo Domingo, among others, there is a trend that it is being replicated in many commercial processes with clients”, said Cristobal Baixas, Crystal Lagoons’ International Director.

Other iconic cases are Las Brisas de Santo Domingo, in Chile; and Diamante Cabo San Lucas, in México. In both cases the crystal-clear lagoons have triggered a dramatic increase in sales. “It is worth mentioning that in Mexico, the project was commercially struggling, even though it had a golf course designed by Tiger Woods himself as one of its top amenities. Our 4-hectare lagoon gave its life back to the project and allowed further development”, Baixas says.

Crystal Lagoons appeals to all family members and its sustainable technology is one of the main reasons that drive real estate developers’ preference. This is what has made of Crystal Lagoons the World’s Top Amenity. They consume up to 30 times less water than golf courses, saving a lot of water. Furthermore, golf courses and green areas lose water due to evaporation and infiltration, meanwhile, crystal-clear lagoons only lose water due to evaporation and they can retain and make use of rainfall, compensating what is lost.

“In Real Estate developer’s decision making there are two factors to bear in mind, on the one hand, the intensive use that people can make out of these lagoons that make them attractive to all family members, so this is appealing for a much wider market, in contrast to what happens with golf courses, since they only appeal to sportsmen. Likewise, crystal-clear lagoons just use a fraction of the land required by a golf course, and that allow us to make projects more profitable”, the executive states.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.


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