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Crystal Lagoons will soon inaugurate new project in Argentina

3 September, 2015 / News

Renowned Argentinean newspaper “Clarín” devoted a large article to Lagoon Pilar, Crystal Lagoons’ new project in Argentina which will feature an 8.6-acre crystal clear lagoon.

According to “Clarín”, the project developed by the Miami-based multinational company, in partnership with Grupo Monarca, will offer year round beach life in an amazing complex under construction by the 46th kilometer of the Pan-American Highway that will feature an impressive 8.6-acre crystal clear lagoon, beaches and palm trees.

The article also reports that the spectacular 8.6-acre lagoon uses Crystal Lagoons’ technology. The company’s concept is revolutionizing the whole world and makes it possible to build large bodies of crystal clear water using environmentally friendly methods at very low maintenance costs.

“Lagoons Pilar is the perfect example of a project that’s different to everything else. With an 8.6-acre lagoon that’s 500 meters long, white sand beaches and palm trees, it outstands over any other venture”, said Gonzalo Monarca, chairman of Grupo Monarca.

The lagoon will use up to 10 times less water than a golf course and up to 100 times less chemicals than traditional pool and drinking water disinfection systems. Crystal Lagoons’ technology is licensed-protected in more than 160 countries and the company is already involved in more than 300 projects in different stages of development.

“The lagoon, which features Crystal Lagoons’ environmentally friendly and low cost technology, will make it possible for all Lagoon Pilar residents to have wonderful views from every corner of the complex and to enjoy and practice water sports and to experience a beach like lifestyle all year round”, said Gonzalo Monarca.

Located at Pilar district’s fastest growing zone, the project makes it possible to enjoy a beach like environment without losing the services of the big city. Lagoon Pilar, with its white sand beaches and crystal clear water, palm trees and docks, is the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, windsurfing sunsets and kayaking.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which developed a patent-protected technology that makes it possible to build and operate crystal clear lagoons of unlimited-size at very low costs.



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