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Crystal Lagoons iconic projects in Dubai, Egypt and Chile keep captivating international media

6 March, 2015 / News

Crystal Lagoons’ technology and concept keep captivating the international media thanks to the company’s state of the art sustainable innovations.

This time the publication IOL Travel highlighted some of the company’s most iconic projects such as “Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – District One” in Dubái, Citystars Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt and San Alfonso del Mar, stating that the multinational of innovation based in Miami is the only company in the world capable of such developments.

“Crystal Lagoons is a company that transforms a destination into an idyllic paradise. With projects around the world, Crystal Lagoons’ unique concept can provide an unlimited size lagoon, surrounded by picturesque sandy white beaches, anywhere in the world”, the article says.

These giant crystalline lagoons only need water to compensate evaporation, and have a water consumption level of approximately half a park and up to ten times lower than a golf course. Additionally, they use up to 100 times fewer chemicals than traditional disinfection and drinking water systems, and only 2% of the energy required by conventional filtering technologies.

The publication also underlined Crystal Lagoons first and most iconic project, San Alfonso del Mar. “Their first project, the San Alfonso del Mar tourist complex in Chile, obtained the Guinness World Record for the largest man-made lagoon in the world, at a size of eight hectares.

The San Alfonso de Mar crystalline lagoon was developed using the concept and worldwide patented technology created by Crystal Lagoons. It is an innovation that revolutionized the first and second housing real estate sector, both at the local and international levels.

The article also states the new records that the company is about to break. “Crystal Lagoons expects a second Guinness World Record with the 12.5ha mega lagoon of the Citystars Sharm El Sheikh tourist complex in the middle of the Egyptian desert. Following that will be a third Guinness record with the Mohammed Bin Rashid City project in Dubai, expected to be completed by 2020”.

Today Crystal Lagoons is present in five continents across 60 countries, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Jordan, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, among others.



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