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Crystal Lagoons is the venue for the “Green World Awards” ceremony

26 May, 2023 / News

“The Crystal Lagoons® technology allows for the creation of an idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world through large eco-friendly crystalline lagoons that have revolutionized the real estate industry and are now living a new era of expansion through Public Access Lagoons™ developments. This innovation has very low water and energy usage, minimal additives, and low construction and maintenance costs,” explained Iván Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales at Crystal Lagoons US Corp., during the award ceremony of the “Green World Awards” 2023.

As the winner of the “Champion of Champions” in the latest edition of the “Green World Awards”, which recognizes the best sustainable practices worldwide, Crystal Lagoons was granted the privilege of hosting the award ceremony 2023 edition of these awards.

The ceremony, which took place in Miami, where the headquarters of the multinational innovation company are located, brought together over 80 executives from companies around the world that were recognized for their sustainable contributions. Among them were Sobha Realty, the developer of the District One project in Dubai; Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer; UDC Qatar, the leading public joint stock company in Qatar; BNP Paribas Real Estate, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas specializing in commercial property consulting, among others.

Iván Manzur highlights the sustainable innovative identity of Crystal Lagoons and how its technology helps reduce environmental impact, which, in the case of Public Access Lagoons™ projects, allows to reduce 40% of the carbon footprint in the tourism and transportation field.

Following the award ceremony, the delegation visited the luxurious Sole Mia project to witness firsthand the lagoon developed by Crystal Lagoons, which surprised all attendees with its 7-acre of turquoise water.

In the 2022 edition of the “Green World Awards,” the multinational water innovation company received both the Carbon Reduction award and the “Champion of Champions” the highest recognition in these British sustainable awards. On that occasion, it surpassed winners in categories such as Climate Change, Water and Energy Efficiency, Emission Reduction, and Innovation, among others, as well as over 500 submissions received by the organization.

The reason behind the recognition was that PAL™ projects, which bring beach life with turquoise waters and white sands to any city, would reduce transportation to coastal destinations and natural beaches by approximately 50%. Globally, this amounts to around 35 million tons of CO2 emissions per year, primarily from car and air travel.

“The positive results of Crystal Lagoons are not only due to being a company with a unique technology in the world but also because the company’s corporate strategy aligns with the sustainability of its developments. This commitment should guide any firm aiming to be sustainable in the long term,” concluded Manzur.

The PAL™ developments have attracted the interest of significant players worldwide, with a total of 810 projects in different stages of development. Notable contracts include 5 PAL™ developments in Orlando, 8 in North Carolina and Atlanta, and 4 in South Carolina in the United States; 100 projects in India; 30 in Korea; 15 in Pakistan; as well as projects in Europe, Palestine, Colombia (10), Costa Rica, Guatemala (18), among others.

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