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Crystal Lagoons enters Guyana and Suriname with PAL™ developments

10 July, 2023 / News

Crystal Lagoons has a strong presence in Latin America, with 200 projects in various stages of development and negotiation in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, the Caribbean, Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia, among other countries. They have just announced their entry into two new markets, Guyana and Suriname, countries with limited land area, population, and tourist infrastructure. It is a master agreement to develop Public Access Lagoons™ projects in partnership with Grupo Monarch, a local conglomerate that is a leader in international franchises.

The operator’s interest lies in the real estate, economic, and tourist development opportunities generated by these crystalline lagoons, which revolutionize urban living with idyllic beaches in the midst of cities. Recognizing the success of Crystal Lagoons, a water innovation company founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, in various countries around the world, the conglomerate decided to diversify its investments by entering the real estate market.

In the case of Guyana, the operation also responds to a growing economy with a GDP increase of over 60% due to recent discoveries in the oil industry. The first PAL™ development will take place in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, where the coast lacks attractive swimming water. Named “Golf Club Houses & Eco Hotel” it will have a central lagoon surrounded by a hotel, golf course, residences, and infrastructure typical of this public access model.

“The entry of Crystal Lagoons into Guyana and Suriname demonstrates the added value of this amenity as a generator of urban development hubs. These PAL™ complexes will allow anyone to access the crystalline lagoon and white sandy beaches through the purchase of a ticket, providing a tropical paradise experience in the middle of the city,” explains Miguel Ángel Cabañas, Regional Director of Crystal Lagoons for Latin America and the Caribbean.

These large bodies of crystal clear water enhance urban and tourist areas of diverse countries and cultures, creating environmentally friendly gathering points. In fact, PAL™ projects have received various international awards for their sustainable technology certified by Bureau Veritas, with significantly lower water usage – 40% less than a green area of the same size and 33 times less than an 18-hole golf course – and energy consumption – only 2% of the energy needed by conventional pool filtration systems.

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