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Crystal Lagoons Enters Colombia with 14 New Projects Featuring Crystal Clear Lagoons

4 November, 2016 / News

Colombia’s current economic dynamism has attracted lots of investment, especially in real estate. The latter is one of the areas of economy in which the country has shown steady growth. In this context, Crystal Lagoons has just signed 14 new project deals with renowned local developers. The interest of Colombian real estate market in these lagoons – they will arrive to 11 cities – is explained by the need to free space from overpopulated cities and the benefits of warm weather, so typical of Colombian cities, that allows people to enjoy the beach all year round.

This way Colombia has turned into one of Latin America’s main markets for multinational companies, being followed by Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Chile. It is worth mentioning that Crystal Lagoons proprietary technology has been patent-protected in over 160 countries and it is widely regarded as the World’s Top Amenity. The company currently boasts 87 projects in the region, including countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.

Crystal Lagoons’ first Colombian project will be developed in partnership with Constructora NIO, in Neiva –Mar Adentro Neiva-. Furthermore, during the next 12 months there will be other 13 announcements in cities such as Flandes, Cali, Medellin, Ibague, Monteria, Valledupar, Armenia, Barranquilla, Santa Marta and Cartagena de Indias.

The concept behind the Mar Adentro project also applies to all Crystal Lagoons’ projects in Colombia, bringing the idyllic lifestyle of the beach to the doorsteps of Colombians that live in inner regions of the country. In Cartagena and Santa Marta, the company will boost the tourism offer by setting beaches in the second lines of coast of these regions. In the particular case of Cartagena, Crystal Lagoons will help facing problems such as the muddy waters of Magdalena river.

“With an estimated investment of $1.4 billion, Colombia has become one of Crystal Lagoon’s most successful landings. The new 14 projects will set Colombia as one of the markets of highest priority for the company”, Iván Manzur, Crystal Lagoons’ Regional Director for Colombia, explains.

Crystal Lagoons’ Neiva project will represent an estimated investment of $600 million, it will feature 7.000 homes and a 2.3-hectare crystal clear lagoon surrounded by white sand beaches as its center piece. Apart from that there will be retail areas, clubs, and natural pathways, parks, among other amenities.

The next Crystal Lagoons’ project see the light in Colombia will be located in Flandes and it will transform this inner area of the country into a touristic destination. With an estimated investment of $250 million – at its first stage – the project targets at first and second home units. It will feature a 4-hectare crystal clear lagoon surrounded by two hectares of beach. The project stands out due to its large extension – spread over 1.200 hectares – and facilities, which would include a Free Tax Zone, Horse Race Track, forest reserve, hotels, theme parks, parks, natural pathways, bikeways, among others.

At Cali, Crystal Lagoons will develop – in partnership with Más Construcciones – the “Atlantis” project, at Palmira County. The project encompasses over 1.000 homes.

“Our crystal clear lagoons offer a unique and novel concept that has triggered a real estate revolution worldwide. Each Crystal Lagoons’ project quickly becomes more than just a residential development, turning into touristic destinations on its own”, Mr. Manzur says.

“Mar Adentro Cartagena de Indias” will be a very exclusive project. It will include luxurious buildings and unit prices will range between $140.000 and $750.000. They will offer view of the 2.8-hectare crystal clear lagoon in 360⁰, apart from pathways, squares, stores, among others. All of them will feature an exuberant natural landscape.

“New developments will join in the coming months, which once again proves that Crystal Lagoons’ concept and technology, by bringing the idyllic life style of the beach anywhere in the world, have become a far reaching innovations that adapts to different needs and provides solutions to fulfill dreams in the world of real estate”, Manzur declares.

It is worth mentioning that Crystal Lagoons’ technology is sustainable. Crystal clear lagoons only need water to compensate evaporation, thus requiring just half the water needed by a park of the same size and using 30 times less water than a golf course. Moreover, they use 100 times less chemical products than traditional filtration systems for swimming pools and drinking water, and just 2% of the energy required by conventional filtration technologies.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.





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