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Crystal Lagoons diversifies with Radical Innovation branch

13 October, 2021 / News

Building on the success of Crystal Lagoons, its founder, Fernando Fischmann, is preparing a series of spinoffs in food, medicine and electronic commerce areas, through a new section named “Radical Innovation“.

The company has been looking for new business areas for a couple of years, diversifying and exploring different opportunities. Due to the large built-in capacity that Crystal Lagoons has to do research, develop technology, generate intellectual property and be able to protect it, they decided to bring these initiatives together under the banner of “Radical Innovation”.

Thus, for example, ZeroDesal was born, the company that is focused on water desalination without the use of additional energy through a process called membrane distillation. This innovation, protected under patent worldwide, is in a pilot stage, and its main attraction is its low cost: one third of the system traditionally used today (reverse osmosis).

Another “Radical Innovation” initiative will focus on e-commerce and logistics. It is a patented electronic commerce model that enables efficient warehousing, packaging and distribution services from origin to the last mile.

They are also implementing Hot Reef™, a technology that allows, at a low cost and in a sustainable way, to keep the bathing areas of the lagoons warm through the cooling system that reuses the heat of the data centers. This technology is complemented by domes, which are also heated in a sustainable way.

In this short time of existence, the Radical Innovation division has already more than met its initial goals, and has many projects still in development, so soon the founder of Crystal Lagoons will have news on this front.

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