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Crystal Lagoons Develops Energy-Free Desalination Technology

24 November, 2021 / News

Crystal Lagoons, the multinational water innovation company, is inaugurating its new Radical Innovation research and development department with a new technology to desalinate water without using energy.

Under the auspices of ZeroDesal, a new company founded for this purpose, the firm is evaluating its first project in the United States or Chile. The technology works by the change of temperature. Although this process is not new, it is not used because it is expensive to implement and maintain due to the lack of energy efficiency.

However, when Crystal Lagoons uses its proprietary technology to cool an industrial plant, data center, or thermoelectric plant, the residual energy from these industrial processes is harnessed, making the process cost one-third that of reverse osmosis.

This was demonstrated by the simulations and analyses carried out by Fraunhofer ISE through several studies that were commissioned by Crystal Lagoons®, which showed that the cost of producing desalinated water with Crystal Lagoons® technology is 70% lower than with conventional technologies of “inverse osmosis”.

Considering that climate change is changing temperature and humidity patterns, water is becoming an increasingly scarce element, subject to increasing restrictions and new legislation at the local and global levels.

Aware of this situation, Crystal Lagoons is developing effective solutions to the problem of water scarcity.

For this reason, desalination technology is being increasingly requested by the productive sectors globally. This means that investment in these systems is also rapidly escalating, with the global production capacity of this type of water tripling between 2010 and 2020. For the next decade, some projections estimate that this trend will continue.

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