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Crystal Lagoons Awarded The Keys to Miami

17 July, 2014 / News
Fernando Fischmann

Crystal Lagoons received a new recognition from the American authorities and market. It was the prestigious Keys to Miami award, a relevant decoration granted by the Beacon Council, the Official Economic Development organization for the Miami Dade County that is handed out yearly.

Since the last 10 years the Beacon Council and the Miami Dade County select the main companies that are contributing to the community and economic development of Miami Dade. In this occasion, Crystal Lagoons received the recognition that Carlos Giménez, the Mayor of the Miami Dade County, gave to the representatives of the awarded companies.

In less than 6 months since establishing itself in the United States, Crystal Lagoons has obtained two relevant recognitions. The first one was granted by Rick Scott, Governor of the state of Florida, to the founder and company president, Fernando Fischmann, for his trajectory as an innovator and international business ambassador, due to the growing interest the Chilean firm has raised among authorities and real estate developers in the United States, because of the high impact that’s being generated by this technology and concept, revolutionizing people’s lifestyle. The recent awarding of the Keys of Miami by one of the most important authorities of said state is added to this earlier recognition.

“For Crystal Lagoons it’s an honor that public and private entities recognize the work its carrying out in such a developed marked as the American one and that in such time have meant important milestones for the company. At the same time, these awards encourage us to confirm our commitment with this community were we already have a strong sense of belonging”, said Kevin P. Morgan, CEO of Crystal Lagoons USA.

World class companies such as Boeing Flight Services, Brink’s Regional Services, IKEA US East, USA France Business, Wal-Mart Stores East, among others, were recognized alongside the innovation multinational in one of Florida’s most prestigious and important business events.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, that has developed and patented technology that allows for the low-cost construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water in crystal-clear condition.


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