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Crystal clear lagoons projects are expanding in different countries

4 February, 2015 / News

Since very little time ago they looked like eccentricities from the Middle East, fancy whims of seas and crystal clear water in the sand of the desert, the manmade lagoons are recently turning into attractions with projects in many countries around the world.

Three developments in Buenos Aires will have Crystal Lagoons’ manmade lagoons. To Terralagos and Lagoon Pilar, both already in advance stages of development, will join soon Remeros Beach.

The latter is a Vizora’s project, real estate company that is carrying on great ventures such as Árboris La Horqueta and The Link Towers, among others, that will be located in Tigre.

The spirit of the project that is located in an 18-hectare site land at Camino de los Remeros is to offer its residents the perfect mix between pleasure and routine, with white sand and crystal clear waters beaches and all the facilities of urban life.

“Thanks to Crystal Lagoons’ technology that is already a success in the world’s main countries, Remeros Beach will be an oasis in the middle of a fast growing zone, such as Tigre”,  Vizora’s president, Milagros Brito, said.

Crystal Lagoons is a project developed by the Chilean biochemist Fernando Fischmann who in 1997 created crystal clear lagoons suitable for swimming and water sports in a safe and clean environment with warm waters. The company grew very fast and it is currently involved in more than 300 projects in 60 different countries around the world.

Adicionalmente, avanzan las obras de Solanas Crystal Beach, la primera laguna cristalina en Uruguay. Este complejo hotelero Solanas Vacation Club, que lleva adelante esta emprendimiento en Punta del Este, contará también con la tecnología de Crystal Lagoons.

Apart from Crystal Lagoons’ projects there are also new local developments such as Waveseg Evolution. The latter offers an manmade wave system for surfing and that is already in talks with companies in Argentina and three other countries in the region.



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