Fernando Fischmann

Creating a common language of innovation

29 September, 2014 / Articles

A common language of innovation is the foundation of any sustainable innovation effort.

One of the most important efforts you’ll want to make as part of Five Ways to Make Your Innovation Culture Smell Better is to create a common language of innovation.

Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted definition of the word innovation, and there have even been multiple articles written by the Doblin Group, Geoffrey Moore and others about how many different types of innovation there are and how you must choose which types of innovation to focus on. When it comes to innovation, individuals speak about it differently and there are lots of misunderstandings.

To create a common language of innovation and is realized by putting these five building blocks in place:

1. Define what Innovation will mean in your organization.

2. Create an Innovation Vision.

3. Craft an Innovation Strategy.

4. Set Your Goals for Your Innovation Efforts.

5. Build an Innovation Infrastructure That Demonstrates Your Commitment to Innovation.




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