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Chile-based lagoon maker targets U.S. with Miami office

22 March, 2014 / News
Crystal Lagoons in Dubai

Chile-based Crystal Lagoons Corp., an international developer of the world’s largest artificial lagoons, has opened a Miami office to target residential developers in the U.S.

Since opening in May, it has signed a contract to build a lagoon at Tradition Florida in St. Lucie County. In 2014, Crystal Lagoons will launch Phase I of the project, consisting of an 8.5-acre water feature. The company is best known for the 90-acre lagoon project it is working on in Dubai.

Crystal Lagoons USA CEO Kevin P. Morgan said that developers gain several advantages by incorporating one of its lagoons into a project. The water features, which can be surrounded by sand, can be used year-round, and even be frozen and used for winter sports such as ice skating and hockey. Having a lagoon has also helped spur residential prices higher, he said.

“The amenity is also appealing due to its eco-friendly and sustainable technology that uses up to 100 times less chemicals than conventional swimming pool systems and requires less than two percent of the energy used by traditional filtration systems,” according to the company’s statement.

Crystal Lagoons, founded in 2007 by biochemist and real estate developer Fernando Fischmann, has a portfolio of more than 250 projects in more than 50 countries.



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