Fernando Fischmann

Can Apple keep the innovation engine running?

9 October, 2014 / Articles

In Apple three years after Steve Jobs’ death, questions continue to swirl around ability to continue his legacy of phenomenal innovation.

Jobs, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Oct.5 2011, is widely acknowledged as a visionary who revolutionized consumer technology with the likes of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Tim Cook took the CEO reins from Jobs in August 2011 but his predecessor still casts a long shadow over the Cupertino, Calif.-based firm.

Over recent years, Cook’s critics have bemoaned a lack of new product categories during his tenure, although the recent Apple Watch launch gave an indication of his willingness to tap new markets.

Experts have already predicted that the arrival of Apple Watch early next year will send shockwaves through the watchmaking industry, forcing some big-name manufacturers to rethink their strategies.

The recent debut of larger-screen iPhones and Apple’s efforts around mobile payments also point to Cook’s innovative abilities, according to Doug Mack, CEO of San Francisco-based online sports retailer Fanatics.




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