Fernando Fischmann

Business: The Four New Breeds of Entrepreneurs

3 October, 2014 / Articles
Fernando Fischmann

The business world pulses with talk of change these days, and most of the chatter revolves around starting something new. Want to be successful? Get thee a hoodie and find a garage.

But the big problem isn’t managing to launch something new—it’s getting bogged down once you do. You seed a new initiative at your company but can’t spread it companywide. You get a product off the kitchen table but struggle to find new customers. You launch a social enterprise but don’t know how to sustain it. As soon as you leave the garage, you run smack into oncoming traffic.

What’s the best way to get unstuck? Look in the mirror and evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs over the years and have found that they often fall into one of four categories. The key is to know yourself.




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