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Australian Press: Crystal Lagoons To Develop First Crystal-Clear Lagoon Open To The Public In U.S.

8 May, 2017 / News

Miami will soon be the home of the world’s first crystal-clear lagoon open to the public made with Crystal Lagoons’ technology. With this goal in mind, the multinational innovation company has entered a partnership deal with Jungle Island (former Parrot jungle), one of Florida main theme parks, located in the center of Miami, where the company will build its first project under this new focus and commercial model.

Currently, Jungle Island receives about 300,000 visits a year, but with the new addition of Crystal Lagoons’ amenity –that will spread over 1 hectare- it will attract over one million people annually. That is to say, it is expected visits to the animal-themed park will triple, due to higher numbers of users looking for enjoining beach lifestyle in a safe and controlled environment”, said Uri Man, Crystal Lagoons U.S. East CEO.

“Crystal Lagoons will get revenue from a percentage of ticket sales. This will set a new business model for the company. Currently, the firm gets a percentage of real estate project sales as revenue. The company provides projects of great added value and it manages to retain part of it for itself. From now on, this will be replicated at either private or public leisure centers”, the executive said.

“This new contract and the scalability of Crystal Lagoons’ business model represent the beginning of a new era with countless opportunities. In fact, Crystal Lagoons potential market will double thanks to over 50 thousand public parks, theme parks, public golf courses, shopping malls, university campus, zoos and social clubs Crystal Lagoons has commercially targeted worldwide”, Uri Man added.

The multinational innovation company projects that in three years time the number of crystal-clear lagoons open to the public will equate the 600 projects the company currently has on the real estate sector – at different development and negotiation stages – 43% of those have materialized in the last 12 months thanks to the expansion of Crystal Lagoons’ offices worldwide.

Crystal Lagoons’ new division already has 25 projects in different development and negotiation stages worldwide in countries such as Thailand, Australia, the U.S., Turkey, Argentina, and Chile.

Widely regarded in the real estate industry as “The World’s Top Amenity”, Crystal Lagoons’ new business model will consist on selling tickets to the public (“pay per use”), bringing access to idyllic beach life style and water sports to the masses and cities, dramatically changing urban lifestyles.

The crystal-clear lagoon will be the main attraction of the theme park, where visitors could also enjoy of 1.7-km zip lines, panoramic view of Miami’s skyline, and an area for children with water slides, beach club among other amenities. This park is one of South Florida’s main attractions and its concept focuses on animal life with live shows, camps, safaris, and amazing interaction opportunities with the animal kingdom.

Crystal Lagoons’ has partnered with ESJ Capital Partners, who has recently acquired Jungle Island for $60 million. The latter company is also conducting a very ambitious renovation and expansion plan in the park, seeking to transform it into an even more attractive destination for both local tourists and the millions of cruise passengers that dock at Miami’s harbor.

This is the fifteenth crystal-clear lagoons the company has materialized in the U.S. since its arrival to Miami just a couple of years ago. Other 54 projects – in different development and negotiation stages- will join soon. Among them, Sole Mia in Northern Miami, developed by LeFrak and Turnberry Associates, Miami’s largest project in the Bar Harbor area.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.




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