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Announcement of new Crystal Lagoons PAL™ projects in Texas generates media phenomenon

15 January, 2024 / News

Crystal Lagoons latest milestone in the United States, has made waves globally, with over 400 headlines capturing the significance of the achievement. The focal point is the master agreement between the multinational water innovation company and Lagoon Development Company. This agreement will allow for the development of new Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ complexes, in Texas. These projects are scheduled to open their doors between 2024 and 2026, garnering attention from many media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC.

This agreement will be implemented through joint ventures between the two companies. Lagoons’ contribution will include its invaluable intellectual property rights associated with its state-of-the-art technology, owning a percentage of the company’s shares. Lagoon Development Company will have exclusivity in the Houston market, spanning the entire MSA. Other areas of the United States are also being evaluated for additional projects under the same model.

“The experience of crystalline waters, white sandy beaches, and numerous activities in a PAL™ development is what attracts people from far and wide and what makes it a truly successful destination,” said Uri Man, CEO of The Lagoon Development Company. “This is precisely why we have chosen to partner with Crystal Lagoons.”

PAL™ projects offer public access for an entrance fee, providing visitors with a delightful experience centered around a large lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, suitable for swimming and water sports and surrounded by white sand beaches. It will also be covered by hotels, residential areas, retail, restaurants, recreational, and entertainment activities.

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