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This Robotics Startup Chose Germany Over Silicon Valley, and Here is What They are Working On

9 January, 2019 / Articles

Germany is now in the AI race. Alongside large corporations that are in the middle of an AI transformation, several German AI startups are breaking new ground with intelligent solutions. Micropsi industries, a robotics software company headquartered in Berlin, uses machine learning to make robots flexible for production – a big thing for the German economy.

Today’s industrial robots are not capable of successfully performing tasks in situations with a lot of unpredictability – instead they focus on predetermined tasks. Micropsi teaches robots to handle complex applications such as inserting cables, which would be hard to hand-engineer and difficult to plan in advance. A camera and additional sensors generate information of what’s going on in the world to navigate a robot’s movement.

The technology that lies behind Micropsi’s moving robot arms is called Mira. It uses imitation learning, an AI/DL technique that learns from human demonstrations and teaches the robot real-time tactile and visual behavior that is applicable for a broad spectrum of industrial use cases characterized by unpredictability. ​Deep neural networks are trained to recognize sensor data created in their real world environments. Micropsi is using NVIDIA’s Jetson platform.

The brilliance of the startup’s approach lies in the fact that their system helps in data acquisition where the majority of it happens on factory floors – not in the lab. This enables a close and flexible approach to dealing with needs of industrial customers. Micropsi’s software is market ready and currently being tested by a big manufacturer of electronics and computers.

“NVIDIA’s Jetson AGX is an extremely powerful platform, and we’ve successfully used MIRAI on top of its awesome computing and I/O capabilities,” said Ronnie Vuine, CEO of Micropsi.

Micropsi enables manufacturing and other industries to build new types of flexible manufacturing lines and retrofit existing machines to be more efficient and dynamic. The ability to upgrade existing systems and make robotics a plug-and-play component is beneficial to numerous German SMEs and the whole German economy, which relies heavily on intelligent production.

Micropsi industries participates in NVIDIA’s Inception program and is also one of the thought leader startups in appliedAI’s German Thought Leaders Campaign.

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