Fernando Fischmann

The Four Key Capacities to Successfully Engage Employees in the Innovation Process

21 September, 2015 / Articles

With their widespread entrance into the workplace, millennials are bringing new requirements of employee engagement. By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce and top-line revenue growth will depend on the ideas of an engaged workforce. If an organization does not know how to inspire their millennial workers and how to refine their ideas into new programs, their business will fall behind.

By choosing to be digital, clear, fluid, and fast, organizations achieve greater productivity and more frequent innovation. Understanding why this matters to all generations is central to building a culture that meets these expectations.

Discussion of successful employee engagement innovation programs include examples from The White House SAVE which engaged federal employees nationwide, Scentsy – one of the nation’s fastest growing enterprises which engaged the voices of more than 35,000 consultants and additional examples from TTI and the City of Atlanta.


  1. Apply the principles of digital, clear, fluid, and fast in creating organizational cultures that enable innovation and will thrive in the 21st century.
  2. Understand the key drivers of the Millennial generation in terms of employee engagement and innovation, in order to understand how their perspective is relevant to the broader changes we face leading and managing organizations in today’s environment.
  3. Learn some practical ways to start shifting the innovation culture of your own organization by changing processes and technologies and facilitating new behaviors among employees from all generations.



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