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Thai media: Crystal Lagoons Real Estate Revolution Reaches South East Asia

16 September, 2016 / News

Crystal Lagoons, multinational innovation company that develops limitless-size sustainable crystal clear lagoons surrounded by white-sand beaches at very low construction and maintenance costs, keeps expanding throughout the world.

In Asia, the company is currently working on new projects for already familiar markets such as Thailand and Indonesia, but it is also further expanding into new Asian markets, such as South Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Burma, Cambodia and Laos, to name a few.

Crystal Lagoons boasts 20 projects in Asia – in different development stages –. However, there are two projects already in operation: The first one is located in Thailand, in the Hua Huin region, and it consists of a 17-acre crystal clear lagoon which is surrounded by ultra-luxurious villas and a private country club. The second one is “Bitan Treasure Bay” located in Indonesia. The project features a 6.3-hectare crystal clear lagoon, surrounded by a large white-sand beach. Treasure Bay is just an hour away from Singapore and when finished, it will have 3.000 second-home units and seven five-star hotels that will properly serve Singapore’s fast-growing demand for accommodation and leisure facilities.

Crystal Lagoons currently boasts five projects – at different development stages- in Thailand and 15 others across the Asian region. The company has found such great reception that has projected 60 developments for the next 6 years, reaching the Asian markets, such as South Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Burma, Cambodia and Laos, to name a few.

“Crystal Lagoons’ proprietary technology – patent-protected in over 160 countries – is disrupting markets worldwide, in areas such as real estate, urban development, tourism, public space and industrial applications. The company’s crystal clear lagoons have changed forever the real estate paradigm of “location, location, location”, setting new touristic destinations in areas never thought before”, said Jaime Rivera, Crystal Lagoons’ Regional Director for South East Asia.

Due to international success, the company’s crystal-clear lagoons have become the World’s Top Amenity. They can bring the idyllic lifestyle of the beach to anywhere in the world, giving people the chance to practice a wide variety of water sports, such as swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding. These facilities can also be used to host sports events and as filming locations.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.









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