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Spanish Media Reports on Crystal Lagoons’ Energy Savings

16 June, 2017 / News

ABC Diario, one of the most important media in Spain, highlighted the sustainability of Crystal Lagoons. This technology, recognized as the World’s Top Amenity, was certified as one of the world’s most sustainable ones in terms of energy consumption, according to world-leading consultancy firm, Burau Veritas, which verified that Crystal Lagoons’ technology only consumes 2% of the energy required by traditional filtration systems.

This contribution to the sustainability of the planet means a solution to the current energy demand. The International Energy Agency (AIE) forecasts that by 2040 world´s demand for energy will increase by a third. This will make energy issues worse and will push for further sustainable management of energy resources.

Some graphic examples that would allow explaining Crystal Lagoons’ energy savings would consider the energy saved in just one hectare of the company’s crystal clear lagoons, versus the energy consumption of iconic monuments around the world, such the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Miami’s International Airport, in the U.S.; Colpatria Tower in Bogotá, Colombia; The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa; et al.

In Paris, the 20,000 light bulbs that light up the Eiffel Tower could stay on during 4 years powered by the energy saved in just one hectare of crystal clear lagoon.

In the case of Spain, in a night football game in one of the biggest stadiums that country has, it consumes 14,860 kW of light in five hours. With the energy savings by one hectare of crystal-clear lagoon for a year, could be possible illuminated 182 games for 1 year, which is equivalent to almost half of the football games of the Spanish competition.

But low energy consumption is just one of the environmentally friendly characteristics of Crystal Lagoons’ technology, since its pulse-based disinfection system uses up to 100 times less chemical products than what’s being used on traditional swimming pools.

Furthermore, Crystal Lagoons represents very low water consumption, given that its technology needs just half the water required by a park of the same size, and up to one third of a golf course. What’s even better, these crystal clear lagoons can use any type of water; fresh, salt and brackish. These astonish numbers are further lowered with the company’s latest film-based evaporation-control technology, which manages to avoid water loss due to evaporation in up to 70%.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.




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