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Brazilian press highlights first lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® technology

22 August, 2022 / News

“The crystal clear waters of the San Alfonso del Mar lagoon are clear and transparent, with a turquoise color that could only be achieved with the use of unique technology that allowed capturing the ocean water and keeping it in perfect conditions”. This is how the Brazilian press describes the first crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology, which continues to attract worldwide attention.

The Vagas Pelo Mundo website highlights this iconic project of the multinational water innovation company as one of the six most beautiful and photographable lagoons in the world to visit and relax.

Crystal Lagoons has developed and patented state-of-the-art technology that allows crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes to be built and maintained at low costs, offering an idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world.

The San Alfonso del Mar project includes a 20-acre crystalline lagoon, equivalent to 6,000 traditional pools, made possible only thanks to the technology created by the company, which has been patented in more than 190 countries. The first project in the world to use this innovative technology quickly became the “most successful second home resort in the southern hemisphere”. 

These characteristics gave it the World Guinness Record in 2007 until 2015 when another Crystal Lagoons amenity was inaugurated in Egypt, Citystars Sharm El Sheik, which with 12.5 hectares surpassed San Alfonso del Mar.

The crystalline lagoon revolutionized the local landscape, not only by providing residents and visitors of San Alfonso del Mar with an attractive and safe area for aquatic activities, but also by offering spectacular views which in turn allowed for the development of other resort and relaxation-based businesses and facilities centered around the new sea-side resort lagoon. All of which transformed and revitalized the entire community of the area.

A new revolution

Today, having revolutionized the real estate world for 10 years, the firm is now transforming city life with Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments. These monumental crystalline lagoons, which are surrounded by white sand beaches, retail and gastronomic services, can be accessed via ticketed-entry. In this way, Crystal Lagoons brings a piece of the ocean to the heart of the city, creating beach life in urban surroundings, much like an English architect did 200 years ago, when he introduced small forests into the city of London, which we know as city parks.



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