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San Alfonso del Mar: Among the top five resort pools around the world

4 February, 2015 / News

The renowned Australian publication Escape Travel published a list of the top five resort pools in the world which is lead by Crystal Lagoons’ iconic project, San Alfonso del Mar. The list also includes recognized water touristic attractions in famous destinations such as Switzerland, Bali, and Dubai.

The article highlights the massive size of the project and the wide variety of activities that the lagoon can host: “Stretching out along the gorgeous coastline, this enormous man-made lagoon is the size of 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Not only can you swim in the crystal clear waters but kayaking or even sailing is an option”.

Since San Alfonso del Mar was certified as the world’s largest crystalline lagoon in 2007, it became a world attraction that until today it raises the interest of a myriad media in many countries. In fact, just six months after being certified by Guinness, there were more than 2000 TV, newspaper and magazine reporters visiting the lagoon.

Thanks to Crystal Lagoons’ technological innovation, San Alfonso del Mar became the most successful project of its kind and a real estate concept of global impact. In fact, San Alfonso del Mar is the iconic project that allowed the consolidation of the exportation model of crystalline lagoons, whose explosive growth totalizes in less than five years a heavy folder with over 300 urban, tourism, public and industrial projects all over the world in different development stages in 60 countries.

The publication also underlines Crystal Lagoons’ sustainability, emphasizing that these gigantic crystalline lagoons just need water to compensate natural evaporation, generating half of the water consumption required by a park and up to ten times less than what a golf course needs. In addition, the lagoons uses up to 100 times less chemicals than traditional swimming pools and drinkable water disinfection systems, and just 2% of the energy required by the traditional filtration systems.




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