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Sailing season opens in the largest Crystal Lagoons® in the US

30 August, 2021 / News

In conjunction with The National Sailing Club, the Crystal Lagoons® Lago Mar project, inaugurated the sailing season in the incredible turquoise water lagoon opened in 2020 and located in Houston, Texas.

This initiative is open to the public, not only to the residents of Lago Mar, and provides the opportunity, for people of all ages and levels of competence, to learn to navigate in sailboats, catamarans, kayaks, electric paddleboards and ferries, among others. Sailing lessons for minors, races, beach parties and regattas are also offered.

The Lago Mar Crystal Lagoons® is 5 hectares and is the centerpiece of a 40-hectare entertainment district currently under construction.

The lagoon currently generates US $ 50,000 daily in income from tickets, food and beverages, sponsorship, equipment rental, etc.

From end to end, the crystal clear body of water stretches for more than half a kilometer and offers more than a kilometer and a half of beach. These figures make the Lago Mar lagoon the longest amenity in the country powered by technology created by Crystal Lagoons®.

Sustainable technology

Crystal Lagoons® is the world leader in sustainable filtration systems for large bodies of water. Thanks to its efficient system based on disinfection pulses, it allows the use of up to 100 times fewer chemical products compared to conventional swimming pools and drinking water treatments.

In addition, the efficient filtration system consumes only 2% of the energy compared to traditional pool filtration systems and the filtered volume is up to 300 times less than in conventional systems.

Additionally, they have very low water consumption, using up to 30 times less water than a golf course and 50% less water than that required by a park of the same size.

Likewise, they use any type of water: fresh, sea or brackish, taking advantage of the subterranean waters of the desert, which have no alternative use and capture rainwater, compensating for natural evaporation.



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