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Low water use, one of the main features of Crystal Lagoons® technology

1 September, 2021 / News

According to the latest international reports on climate change, water has become an increasingly scarce, strategic and essential commodity for human life. Water scarcity threatens many countries and reinforces the need to invest in research and technological development on this important resource. Crystal Lagoons® is a pioneering and radical innovation multinational in the use and management of water, collecting more than 2,200 patents worldwide on the subject.

One of the main purposes of Crystal Lagoons® is that its technologies are sustainable, and must be distinguished for their low water consumption. Thus, regardless of the size of these bodies of water, these lagoons are only filled once, and then operate in a closed circuit. They capture water in the rainy months, compensating for the natural loss due to evaporation and in the dry months, consumption is only to compensate for said evaporation.

Likewise, these crystalline lagoons that bring beach life wherever it is required, have very low water consumption, using up to 30 times less water than a golf course and 50% less water than that required by a park of the same size. That is, it provides more people (not just golfers, for example) better benefits than other comparable recreational areas, while conserving water, where nautical sports and swimming are also practiced.

The technology of Crystal Lagoons® can also use any type of water to fill these crystalline lagoons: sweet, sea or brackish, drawing water from groundwater in the desert (in the projects in the Middle East, for example), which has no alternative use. In addition, the technology is designed to avoid leaks, so they do not lose water due to this type of defects in traditional cement pools.

We must remember that these huge bodies of water also constitute a reserve of high quality water, which can be used in times of scarcity. In areas where water is critical or has a high cost, a molecular film developed by Crystal Lagoons® is also used, which reduces water evaporation by an additional 50%.

All these benefits are in addition to those already offered by the multiple patents of Crystal Lagoons® technology. The disinfection pulse system allows the use of up to 100 times less chemicals than conventional technologies for the treatment of swimming pools or drinking water, while the ultrasound filtration method of Crystal Lagoons® spends only 2% of the energy of conventional swimming pool filtration systems.       

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