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Lago Mar by Crystal Lagoons® to Host Aquathlon

26 October, 2020 / News
pure turquoise lagoon by Crystal Lagoons

Lago Mar, Texas’ largest pure turquoise lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, in Texas City, has announced it is to host its first aquathlon at the popular water amenity. The event has been announced for October 31.

The recently inaugurated 12-acre Lago Mar crystalline lagoon holds 24 million gallons of water, and is equivalent to 14 NFL football fields. The lagoon will anchor a future 100-acre mixed-use entertainment district being built at Lago Mar, which already generates US $50.000 in daily ticket revenues, food and beverages, sponsorship, equipment rentals, etc.

The Lago Mar lagoon is an ideal location for the aquathlon, as it spans more than a quarter of a mile from end to end and has more than a mile of shoreline, making it the largest amenity in the U.S. powered by Crystal Lagoons technology, in terms of length and water shoreline.

After the event, participants will be able to dive into activities including an inflatable obstacle course, kayaking, sailing, electric jetboards, and stand-up paddleboards at the pure turquoise lagoon and enjoy activities on the surrounding beaches.

Future phases of development around the lagoon will include hotels, condos, retail, dining, entertainment, as well as a separate pay-for-access beach club with multiple beaches for the general public.

Pioneering technology

This state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology, used to power both lagoons, requires up to 100 times less chemicals than conventional swimming pool or drinking water treatment technologies, and consume only 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool filtration systems.

The construction costs for a lagoon with Crystal Lagoons technology are very low, even lower than those of a park of the same size. Operating costs are also very low, due to the efficient use of safe additives and energy, with 1-hectare lagoon consuming just 50% of the water required for a park of the same size. An average lagoon consumes approximately 30 times less than a golf course.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

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