Fernando Fischmann

How innovation can catapult your career

11 December, 2014 / Articles

Where is San Diego’s innovation economy headed? And how will that impact you and your career?

In the words of Steve Jobs, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

In business, innovation generally refers to the process of improving what’s been done before, creating a business model that’s more cost-effective and results in increased productivity, growth, and profitability.

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It needs to be pushed, prodded and promoted from within.

For CEOs and C-level executives, the path to innovation also calls for removing as many “organizational silos” as possible. In corporate speak, the term refers to the inevitable result of poor communication among fellow employees and the outside world.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps you and your company would benefit from a forum presided by CEOs who have written popular business books on innovation. Plus, there’s the opportunity to discover new ways to unravel silo problems you didn’t even know you had.

On Thursday, Dec. 4, Qualcomm will present “CEO Authors on Innovation: Moving Beyond Organizational Silos,” at Qualcomm Auditorium, 6455 Lusk Boulevard (Building Q), San Diego, CA 92121.

Open to the public and presented in collaboration with the Executive Next Practices Institute (ENPI), an innovation think tank for business executives, the event features C-suite leader companies representing 30 industry sectors taking part in a forum led by top CEO authors.

ENPI is comprised of Fortune 5000 C-level and top functional leaders who meet to discuss innovative business and leadership strategies.



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