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New Projects in Orlando Position Florida as One of Most Successful States for Crystal Lagoons in the U.S.

19 January, 2022 / News

The United States is the main market for Crystal Lagoons worldwide. Currently, there are 222 projects in different stages of development and negotiations and Florida is one of the U.S. states where the company first began its meteoric rise. Among the 51 projects in Florida are Epperson, Evermore, Sole Mia, Southshore Bay, Mirada, Aqua, Emerald Lakes, Ridgewood, Lake Susy, Tamiamiami and Haines City, among others.

One of the most iconic tourist areas is Orlando which, in 2021, was tapped into by ADËLON Capital, a renowned asset management and administration firm, and business partner of Crystal Lagoons. The city showcases every type of entertainment offering and infrastructure imaginable, except it lacks beach life. The two companies signed a master agreement for the development of at least five Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ projects, the first of which is to be built next year.

Strong interest in the state of Florida led the U.S. developer and Crystal Lagoons to recently sign a second exclusivity agreement to expand their operations with new PAL™ complexes in Melbourne, at Brevard County, as well as other areas on Florida’s east coast.

“We are very excited about our strategic alliance with Crystal Lagoons, one of the most innovative companies in amenities. With their technology, we will bring beach life to the city of Orlando and its surrounding communities,” says Jonathan Cohen, founder and co-president of ADËLON Capital.

Since entering the U.S., Florida has been one of the most dynamic markets for the multinational’s crystalline lagoon projects. The first development was Epperson, which from the outset was a commercial success. Every year it leads the rankings of the best-selling real estate developments in Tampa and the U.S. In fact, when part of the complex’s artificial lagoon opened to the general public, it triggered a wave of ticket sales worth US$50,000 daily with up to 1,200 visitors every day. Tickets began selling out weeks in advance.

“Artificial lagoons are the crossways and driving force behind Crystal Lagoons projects in the U.S. This is apparent in the different rankings such as that of RCLCO and John Burns Real Estate Consulting. In fact, all of the projects with Crystal Lagoons amenities that are at the sales stages in Florida are among the top 50 best-selling real estate projects annually,” says Iván Manzur, Senior VP of Sales, Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

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